Follow how your products perform in searches to keep you in front

Auto Request Review

Create projects to keep you organized

Organize your products in projects to see in a glimps of an eye wich of your products from that category performs the best

Make improvments for documentation or price

Always know wich of your products have a search ranking problem and take action in time. Information is power!

3X Information
Track All Product search rankings

Track All Product search posisitons

You can create a variety of search term rankings. Check on wich search term you are the best on eMag rankings

Works with all eMag Marketplaces

Works for all marketplaces of eMag including HU, BG, PL

Advanced Settings & Reports

Advanced Settings & Reports

You can also select ASINs and only request reviews for that ASINs rather than requesting all of your products. You can request reviews from those who gave positive feedback. With advanced Report and Activity Log feature, you can see all activities for review requesting and new&existing all product reviews according to your selected time period.

Hijacker & Buy Box Status Tracker

always tracks whether there is any hijacker in your listings and alerts you. You can also track your Buy Box status for each of your listings and alerts you about the products If you lose Buy Box. You can search & filter all your listings for Hijacker & Buy Box Status for all marketplaces.

Hijacker & Buy Box Status Tracker
Auto Responder

Auto Responder

Replying customers in a short time is very important for Amazon. Auto Responder replies each new message automatically. You will see the auto responded messages and then reply them when you are available.

Refund Calculator

Find how much Amazon owes you. Get all lost & damaged inventory reimbursement automatically and easily.

Refund Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact with us if you don't find your questions answers

  1. Do I need to click on Request Review button in each order page when I am using ?
    No, you don’t need to click manually anymore. will do it automatically at the backside.
  2. If my order is not delivered yet, does request review?
    No, Amazon only makes the review requesting in 4-30 days range after your order is delivered. checks all of your orders regularly and request reviews on time.
  3. Does request reviews from refunded orders?
    No. Since it is highly possible that you can get negative review from refunded order, cancels review requesting for refunded orders immediately.
  4. Can I see all of my product reviews?
    Yes. Surprisingly there is no place in Amazon Seller Central to see all product reviews in 1 place. But we did it for you. You can see the newest reviews, sort them or search by product title or ASIN.
  5. Is there any risk for suspension or any restriction from Amazon If I use and make request reviewing automatically?
    No, never. Amazon lets sellers to automate and use 3rd party tools to give service to its customers If they obey Terms of Service (TOS) like not directing customer to 3rd party website etc. obeys strictly to all Amazon TOS. This is why thousands of users use it safely.
  6. Can I also send feedback requests with ?
    Yes, when Amazon sends Review Requests, those emails have also feedback request too. So you will request both product reviews and seller feedback at the same time.